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Lounge & Walkway Betterments

BC Ferries TSA Berth 2

Tsawwassen, BC
3,760 sq ft – 350 sq m

Boldwing Continuum was commissioned by BC Ferry Services to provide architectural, interior design and building envelope solutions for the replacement of the Berth 2 Waiting Lounge and the extensive renovation of the connecting walkway at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

The project required the replacement of the existing waiting lounge to accommodate the growing number of foot passengers. The existing walkway was upgraded to complement the recent upgrades to the remainder of the ferry terminal and provide continuity of the customer experience.

The renovation project was completed in conjunction with the Berth 2 marine structure replacement and required coordination of the articulated gangway with the lounge structure and building envelope. Due to the limited available site area and the increasing number of customers, the 1,884 sq ft (175 sq m) passenger waiting lounge was partially constructed over the water to meet the required program.

An integrated design approach was incorporated during the entire project process to ensure that the client’s representatives — operation and maintenance staff — along with the Berth 2 marine structure consulting team were able to provide input and feedback as the design and construction progressed.

Boldwing Continuum facilitated, moderated, evaluated and prioritized the comprehensive set of building and operational performance requirements to allow for the design development as well as working drawings and specifications to be completed within four months of the project award. Construction was completed over an 8-month period while maintaining ongoing terminal operations.

With direct views to the Strait of Georgia, foot passengers can now enjoy a bright and elegant lounge.

Pre-Board Building, Lounge & Walkway Betterments

BC Ferries TSA Berths 3 & 4

Delta, BC
8,212 sq ft – 763 sq m

Boldwing Continuum was commissioned by BC Ferry Services to provide architectural, interior design, building code and building envelope solutions for the Tsawwassen Terminal Berth 3 & 4 Waiting Lounge Expansion and Moveable Passenger Walkway Upgrade.

To address increased foot-passenger volumes, the project included the reconfiguration of the existing third-floor waiting lounge to create a more functional layout with greater seating areas for waiting customers. The project also included seismic upgrades as well as the interior and exterior renovation of the existing moveable and fixed passenger walkways.

Taking advantage of an underutilized balcony, the waiting lounge was expanded to the south and west to provide additional indoor seating area as well as a smaller balcony for waiting passengers. The moveable walkway involved the replacement of the existing fixed structure and renovation of the interior and exterior finishes of the moveable walkway and loading cages. The design incorporated sustainable principles, including passive ventilation, daylight-sensor energy-efficient light fixtures along with durable and low maintenance materials that can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Passengers now enjoy a brighter, larger and modern waiting area prior to boarding, and facility maintenance personnel can rely on durable and easy to maintain systems and finishes.