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Who We Are


Boldwing Continuum Architects began with a shared desire for innovative architecture. Over two decades later, with projects spanning transportation, institutions, healthcare, as well as industrial, commercial and residential developments, we can boast a portfolio that isn’t limited by a building type or style. Instead, our work reflects our commitment to elevate the experience of everyday architecture.

By working across a spectrum of projects, we continue to deepen our understanding of how cities are designed, built and lived in. We are a team of dedicated architects that believes in an end-to-end process, beginning with understanding the goals of the client, the context of the site and the needs of the users, and concluding with a building that promotes and enhances urban interaction.

Sylvain Boulanger Principal, Director of Design


As a co-founding principal and director of design, Sylvain is the creative force that guides Boldwing Continuum. His design thinking, eye for aesthetics and 35 years of architectural experience shape our unique vision. At the firm, Sylvain has the last word on design decisions, from selecting materials to integrating consultants into the process. He also takes the lead role in presenting projects and cultivating client relationships, continuously applying their feedback to our designs.

Small is beautiful — especially if you need to be seen, looked after and truly understood … which is what we think defines any client. Boldwing Continuum is beautiful — because with us, you deal with the same efficient team from beginning to end … a true Continuum of representation in all aspects of professional services.

Sylvain Boulanger

Arthur E. Buse Principal, Director of Practice

Architect AIBC, AIA Associate

As a co-founding principal and director of practice, Arthur guides every project through our process, ensuring it is approached, worked on and completed with the same integrated consistency. With over 38 years of architectural experience, Arthur has been a project architect, project manager and a partner working in private and public sectors on institutional, infrastructure, building assessment and building envelope projects throughout B.C. and Canada. Arthur collaborates with every client, laying out the macro environment for their project, whether it relates to timeline, scope or budget.