Everyday Architecture

How We Do It


At Boldwing Continuum, we know the importance of good design. But for us good design is not a standalone commendable building. We believe in architecture that acts as a conduit for interaction, shaping cities and societies. When we say, everyday architecture, we mean architecture all of us engage with on a daily basis. We mean residential houses, we mean bus stops, hospitals, universities and ferry terminals. Our mission is to elevate everyday architecture to connect people and enhance their experiences.

Our process reflects this. We don’t rely on standardized designs that overlook the human component of the urban development, tailoring the design process on a per-project basis instead. For over 20 years, we’ve successfully used this approach to work across building styles, scales and sectors. Driven by the need for innovative design solutions that resonate with people, we continue to facilitate structures that seamlessly integrate into a city.

Human-Centered Design

We focus on how and why people interact with their urban environment. Our initial ideas are based on these observations and then undergo an iterative filtering process that leaves the best ones to be designed into concepts and tested with a client.

Architecture is a collaborative event — like an orchestra needs a conductor and vice versa. We identify a tempo for each project — to orchestrate and direct a wide range of expertise, each to be involved at the right moment in time. This starts with a concept — a vision we help define, which will guide all projects decisions.

Sylvain Boulanger

Advanced Technology

Using 3D-modelling and visualization technologies to test and prototype ideas throughout the design process allows us to see and eliminate any flaws and inconsistencies early on, as well as give our clients the ability to check on projects in real time, every step of the way.

Ongoing Engagement

Our clients work with the same team throughout the project. We run continuous feedback loops propelling ideas that balance the needs of users with clients’ expectations. Such connection leads to a fruitful collaboration, strong relationships and successful projects.