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Interior Renovations

UBC Music Building

Vancouver, BC
14,710 sq ft – 1,366 sq m

Boldwing Continuum was commissioned by UBC Project Services to provide architectural and interior design solutions for the acoustical upgrade and renovation of the University of British Columbia School of Music.

Originally constructed in 1967, the building needed renovations in the existing teaching and practice rooms to provide the required acoustical enhancements, as well as interior finishes updates: entrance lobby, choir hall, offices, classrooms, practice rooms and corridors. Our goal was to enhance the acoustical characteristics of each space while complementing the original design.

The lobby upgrade included suspended acoustical panels delineating the ceiling coffer for sound absorption and interior/exterior lighting design that accommodates different requirements, events settings and accent lighting. The choir room and classroom now feature custom acoustical and sound absorptive wall panels with sound diffusers as well as suspended ceiling sound diffusers to create a bandshell effect and counteract the original ceiling configuration. Our lighting design improved light diffusion over a wide range of seating arrangements within the rooms.

The selected interior palette of colours and finishes complement the original architectural design to provide a modern appearance to a 40-year-old facility. New resilient floor designs differentiate corridors from level to level as well as each classroom.

Renovation / Expansion

North Langley Community Church

Langley, BC
40,000 sq ft – 3,716 sq m

North Langley Community Church approached Boldwing Continuum for architectural, interior design, building code and master planning services to upgrade and renovate their existing 15-year-old facility. 

The church experienced significant growth in the first decade of 2000s and desired to update the existing community-oriented worship and gathering space. We started by developing a comprehensive master plan program for the renovation of the facility. The second stage consisted of the design and expansion of the parking area on an adjoining 5-acre parcel to allow for the future growth.

The master plan development process included the reconfiguration of the existing facility to allow for greater utilization within the existing footprint and minimize the required expansion. We redesigned small and large group teaching spaces for children, youth and women’s ministries, as well as contiguous office space for staff with a new south entrance lobby that provides greater exposure to 96th Avenue.  Other renovation areas included the worship and relocation of the prayer room connecting the worship center with the new chapel. The flexible floor plan design allows for easy conversion from worship seating (732 in worship center and 245 in chapel) to banquet seating (504 and 208 respectively). The new concept features updated and energy-efficient lighting along with integrated acoustical audio/visual design.

Architectural Design

Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Surrey, BC
14,000 sq ft – 1,300 sq m

Mount Olive Lutheran Church approached Boldwing Continuum for architectural, interior design, building code and planning services to develop an urban site in South Surrey.

The congregation had acquired a new parcel of land near the intersection of 148th Street and 24th Avenue with the intent of subdividing the property into two lots: one for the new facility and the other for a multi-residential seniors-oriented development. Six townhouse units were constructed and sold providing funding for a new 250-seat 2-level sanctuary, lobby and fireside room, multi-purpose room, office space, foyer and classrooms.

We designed Mount Olive Lutheran Church to allow a growing Christian community to relocate from their existing aging facility. The new worship centre was oriented to 148th Street to encourage interaction with the community. The realized facility reflects traditional religious forms with a contemporary expression while blending into an existing residential neighbourhood.

It’s encouraging to observe the congregation participating as one strolls by the church.